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Frank P. Bristow

Frank has always had a great love of music. He started collecting while still at school. During World War Two we used to listen to the music from the Forces Programs. It was hard to buy records but our father was a Captain in the Entertainment Section of the Army and from time to time was able to obtain a few records for him.

On discharge from the Royal Australian Air Force, Frank began purchasing from overseas a few records not generally available in Australia. By chance he came into contact with an Englishman who lived in America and who was involved in reviewing records for the music business. They became friends for over twenty years until his death. He passed on to Frank many of the records that he received for this purpose.

Frank only ever put one ad in a local newspaper called “Radio Times” saying he would like to hear from like-minded music people. From the twenty or so people who contacted him, apart from those who have passed on, they still remain his friends until this day. Among them were the late Ivan Hutchinson, Neville Wragg and Bert Whelan, and Mr. Movies, Bill Collins. Along the way he also made some good friends and contacts in the Record Industry. Like most collectors he would haunt the shops and places where treasures could be found. His collection grew. He began corresponding with like music lovers in England, the United State, France, Germany and many other countries.

About ten years ago he began writing to record companies, mail order house, etc. trying to persuade them to re-issue on CD many of the records of yesteryear that in general were considered non-commercial. Apart from a few exceptions he received no responses or even letters of acknowledgement. He was almost at the point of giving up when a chance remark to a friend on the phone put him in touch with Ian Dodds. They began making CDs for themselves and a few friends, drawing on their own and friends’ collections and using material out of copyright. They still remain friends, but they both now follow their own pursuits in the materials they transfer to CDs.

Frank is always modest about his musical knowledge and the ability he has to compile a wonderfully balanced collection of music on a CD. So I decided to dedicate this site to his beloved hobby. I’m very proud of you and your achievements Frank.

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